Jim and Katy McElroy returned to northern Ohio in the late 1970ís after having lived for several years in Perth, Western Australia.  Soon after, to their delight, the pair of pet Greater Sulfur Crested cockatoos (C. galerita galerita) that they brought back with them produced youngsters . . . and Hornbeam Aviary was born.

          At Hornbeam Aviary, our goal has always been to produce a small number of healthy, well-socialized, parent-raised baby cockatoos from happy, unstressed parent birds.   Instead of removing eggs for artificial incubation, we encourage our parent birds to feed and care for their chicks for four to six weeks or longer. Baby cockatoos raised in this manner are both wonderfully affectionate and refreshingly independent. They understand that they are birds, not people, and they grow up better able to cope with the complexities and puzzlements of living life as human companions. Our beautiful, healthy babies are raised in a large flight cage in our kitchen where they learn to interact with both their human caretakers and other baby cockatoos.  They are permitted to wean at their own pace and only go to their new homes when we are certain they are ready. All of the baby cockatoos at Hornbeam Aviary come with lifetime technical support.

Recently we have begun concentrating more on the less emotionally dependent cockatoo species such as Goffinís, Bare Eyed, Citron Crested and Lesser Sulfur Crested because it is becoming apparent that Moluccans and Umbrellas often require more room, time, tolerance and commitment than even the most well-intentioned owners can muster.

Cockatoos can be wonderful companions. They can also be noisy, messy, destructive, demanding and, at times, aggressive, and many lose their homes because of the annoyance they cause less committed family members. It is our hope that this site will better help you understand both the positive and negative qualities of these remarkable creatures before you invite one to share your life. 






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